Website for hotel | online Web design with Website builder

Website for hotel | online Web design with Website builder

If you have a hotel, resort, SPA, rooms or studios to let, you've reached the right place to create the best website for hotel at minimal cost!

Our hotel websites make hotel website design easy. Add your rooms and services, adjust your booking engine, make offers, inform your guests about your events and go online in just a few hours. Give your guests a seamless booking experience from any device, in the language they speak.

FAQs about web design with website builder

Are easy to use tools, allowing anyone to create a Website for hotel within hours using only one Browser (eg chrome) without manual code editing and programming knowledge. Wikipedia’s definition.

There are many built-in templates and widgets from which we choose which one is useful, we change their colors and layout, we add our own texts and photos and the site is ready.

The cost of hotel website design with our online builder is up to 10 times less than outsourcing its construction to a professional and the result will surprise even the most demanding!

You can choose one of the following options: our built-in system, redirect to another url, embed another company's code, or turn it off.
Our hotel website design includes a free system that consists of a form that the interested person fills in adding his contact details, the date of arrival, the type of room he wants, the package of offers, etc. The form comes as an email to the hotel manager to start communicating with the interested customer.
  1. Sign in to your Admin console.
  2. Enter your business details: Name, address, contact details, etc.
  3. Apply your style to the website by changing colors and fonts.
  4. "Build" the pages and menu of your website with drag and drop tools.
  5. Choose the languages that will be available to visitors in your website. Change the pre-installed words and phrases.
  6. Connect your domain(s) with our server.
  7. Insert your material (Texts, images, videos) in each page.
It depends on how many pages you want to create is and if you have the texts and photos you like to add ready. It takes about an hour for the basic setup. If you have your material ready you will need another 2-3 hours to complete a medium sized website.
We will analyze this question a little more because SEO makes the difference between the success and failure of a website and you should pay close attention.
Search engine optimization is a combination of many factors. The most important factors are:
  • The speed of the website . The websites made with our website builder have a speed of over 90% for mobile phones and over 95% for PC. Make a speed test with google speed tool.
  • Responsive design. Our websites look amazing on any device, mobile, tablet or PC.
  • Security. We provide FREE SSL certificate to every connected domain.
  • W3C Validated code. This ensures better page performance, excellent visitor experience, and higher search engine rankings. Our website builder develop sites without errors. You can test our website here.
  • Web Accessibility Evaluated. The content of the web pages is easily accessible and understandable by the visitors and this also gives a significant bonus to the search engines. Make a test here
  • Optimized Content. We provide many tools to optimize your content such as Alt text for images and title text for links, automated microdata, meta titles and descriptions, robots.txt and sitemap files, page headers, Canonical tags and many more. If you are an expert, you can check out any of our demos.
Other important factors are off-page SEO factors such as domain age, backlinks, social media accounts, etc. which you will have to take care of yourself.
In conclusion our website builder is one of the best for SEO.
With you pay only € 58.80 per year for hosting. You must also pay around € 15.00 /year for your domain to the domain register company.
  • In the website builder control pannel, navigate to: Settings > Domain.
  • Enter your domain name in the 'Domain name' field and hit 'Insert'.
  • Get the provided DNS record settings and apply them to your domain registrant.
Note: When you update the DNS records for a domain, it may take up to 24-48 hours for the change to take effect. This period is called DNS propagation.
Your site is hosted exclusively on servers, and cannot be hosted elsewhere.

What is included

  • Home page
  • Booking page | Booking widget
  • Rooms page | top rooms widget
  • Services page | top services widget
  • Events page | top events widget
  • Image gallery page | top images widget
  • Offers & deals page | top offers widget
  • Contact page | map widget
  • Area & activities page
  • Reviews page | Reviews widget
  • About the hotel page
  • Our team page
  • Careers page
  • POP-UP messages widgets
  • Slides widget
  • 360° image widget
  • 3rd party CUSTOM SCRIPTS addition
  • Company profile, Cookies, Privacy policy, terms of use and Balance sheets pages
  • 8 Languages
  • (Add-on) Amenities page | amenities widget
  • (Add-on) Dining section that includes facilities, menu, table reservation, dishes' carousel, complete menus


  • Build your own web design with drag and drop tools.
  • Design options for colors and fonts.
  • Menu editor with the ability to add your own menu items.
  • Editable default texts.
  • Built-in Google translator tool and font awesome icon picker
  • Activate or deactivate languages and set your default language.
  • HTML editor that automatically converts text and other content to valid HTML code.
  • Help videos and texts in every admin page.
  • Uploaded photos get automatically resized and compressed.
  • Control panel for domain name(s) and email accounts.
  • Currency settings.
  • Powerful SEO tools to improve your site rankings and increase your traffic.

Our advantages

  1. Economy: Low installation & operational costs.
  2. Fast and easy creation: Complete your work in just a few hours.
  3. Multilingual content.
  4. Strong on-page SEO: our webpages rank higher in search engine results.
  5. Responsive web design. Our sites are displayed properly on any device.
  6. Fast loading webpages: Google PageSpeed results: more than 90% on mobile devices and more than 95% on desktop PCs.
  7. W3C evaluated code pages: this ensures the proper page performance, the optimal user experience and the higher ranking in Google.
  8. Accessibility: The content is accessible and easily understandable by any visitor and by any device.
  9. Frequent updates: Our team performs frequent updates and improvements.
  10. Security: All security standards have been activated including a free SSL certificate.

Compare versions

Pages and widgets HotelsVillasStudios
Home page

Rooms or Villas page

Services page

Booking system

Offers - Packages page

Events page

Testimonials page

Image galleries

Contact page

Area and activities page

About us page

Our team page

Careers page

Balance Sheets page

Cookies, Privacy policy, Terms of user and Impressum pages

Popup messages and 3rd party code (e.g. Chat, video) widget

360° photo widget

Slider widget

Welcome widget

Custom content widget

Villas map and destinations page

Amenities pageAddon Amenities
Restaurants, bars, cafe pagesAddon Dining
Menu, complete menu pages and dishes carousel widget Addon Dining
Table reservation systemAddon Dining

Design features

Design with Drag & drop
Design with Drag & drop

Design your website's structure easily, in a just few minutes with our drag and drop tools.
Responsive design
Responsive design

Your design will automatically look amazing on any device, mobile, tablet or PC
Multilingual pages
Multilingual pages

English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Русский, Italiano, Ελληνικά, 中文简体.
SEO optimization features
SEO optimization features

Rank higher and grow your search engine visibility with our SEO tool.
TOP speed
TOP speed

Page speed is very important for Google ranking and also for the user experience.
Administration - CMS
Administration - CMS

Manage your content easily using our own CMS system.
Free SSL certificate
Free SSL certificate

Included FREE SSL certificate to Secure your website and boost your SEO score.
Color palette
Color palette

Change the design of your website by selecting your preferred colors and fonts.


All demos are made with the same website builder. In each demo, profession-related material and color combinations were used to have something unique. Whatever your professional object and whatever your aesthetics, with the use of our website builder you can create an excellent site perfectly adapted to your requirements.





Studios - Rooms

Studios - Rooms

Detailed description

A website for hotel includes the following pages and widgets:

  • Home page: You can change the order of sections, the order and words in the menu, color combinations, show or hide sections and generally make any changes you want. In the welcome section you can display an image or video according to your requirements.
  • Booking page: You can choose one of the following modes: our system, redirect to another url, embed third-party code or disabled. You can include also the booking widget in any page you want.
  • Rooms or Villas page: You can display an unlimited number of rooms with: short description, long description, 360° image, No. beds and Persons, video and three prices. You can include some of these rooms on other pages with the rooms widget.
  • Services page: You can display an unlimited number of services. Each service can have: title, short description, image or icon. Optionally, each service can have a link to a separate page where you can display additional service description, picture gallery and video. You can include some of these services on other pages with the services widget. Optionally you can also display an introductory text.
  • Events page: On this page you can display an unlimited number of news or events. Each event can have: title, summary, extended description, image, video and date. You can optionally display some of your events on your homepage. Optionally you can also display an introductory text. You can include some of these events on other pages with the events widget.
  • Image gallery page: You can include as many photos and galleries as you want. 2 presentation styles are available. You can include some of these images on other pages with the images widget. Optionally you can also display an introductory text.
  • Offers and deals page: You can display an unlimited number of offers with: title, description, detailed description, date range, link or no to external page, conditions, discount or additional cost. You can include some of these offers on other pages with the offers widget.
  • Contact page: This page displays your contact form and contact information. The map is displayed optionally. There are also links to your social media pages. You can include the map on other pages with the map widget.
  • Area and activities page: Show to your visitors things to see and do around your hotel with: title, description, image and links to other sources for every important place or event around your hotel.
  • Reviews page: You can display an unlimited number of testimonials, recommendations or reviews from your customers or partners. You can include some of these reviews on other pages with the reviews widget. You can also optionally display an introductory text.
  • About us page: This page displays your hotel history as a chronological order. You may or may not have an introductory text and an unlimited number of dates. Each row can optionally include: image, text, title and date.
  • Our team page: Present the staff of your hotel. You can display an unlimited number of people with name, company position, mini-CV and photo. You can also optionally have an introductory text.
  • Careers page: Display ads for staff or partners. You can also optionally display an introductory text.
  • POP-UP messages widgets: You can display pop-up messages in three different positions (Left, right, center) using plain text, html code, images, videos or third party code.
  • Slides widget: Display an unlimited number of photos with slogans in slides on any page you want.
  • 360° image: You can include on any page you want panoramic images (street view) from google maps.
  • 3rd party CUSTOM SCRIPTS addition: You can include custom scripts and third-party code on your page, such as google analytics, social media gadgets, etc. by copying and pasting the code only.
  • Company presentation, Cookies, Privacy policy, Terms of use: These are simple pages for displaying the required description for these pages.
  • Balance Sheets: You can display unlimited pdf with your financial data for each year.
  • Footer section: In this section you can display your contact information, links to your social media accounts and your hours of operation.
  • Your own custom widget! In this widget you can include whatever content you want without any restrictions.
  • 8 Languages: (English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Русский, Italiano, Ελληνικά, 中文简体) with the ability to set your own default language and hide any you do not want.
  • * Dining (Add-on): Adds to the sites the table reservation system for restaurants as well as the menu page, the combined menus and the dishes widgets.
  • -- Menu: You can include as many categories and dishes as you want. 2 presentation styles with or without photos are available. Each dish can have up to 3 sizes and prices, description, image, allergies. The menu may show or hide prices depending on your requirements. Finally you can add an unlimited number of PDF files, with any price lists of your restaurant. You can include some of these dishes on other pages with the carousel widget.
  • -- Table reservation system: You can choose one of the following modes: our reservation system, redirect to another url, embed third-party code or disabled.
  • -- Combined menu widget: You can include combined menus on any page you want with title, description and price.
  • * Amenities (Add-on): Includes a page with all the amenities and a page for each amenity of your hotel with: image gallery, description, contact details, map, 360° image and video.